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If you are a divorce professional and want to learn more about creating a profile on Click Here is dedicated to improving the divorce process for everyone involved, including you, your children and the professionals you hire to get you through to the other side.  Get the facts, remove the emotion and the stress, and improve your chances of getting a settlement that suits your needs.

1. Just a Few Things Factors That Make Divorce Stressful

      • The various personalities involved in the process.
      • The expense of litigation.
      • Confusion about what the divorce process really involves.
      • Lack of knowledge of the legal system
      • Emotional factors that affect decision making
      • Managing finances during and after the process
      • Consideration of issues related to your children.
      • Stress from properly preparing for the divorce can effect your decision making!


2. Why You Need Divorce45

Divorce45 provides the following in order to prepare you whether you are just starting starting or if your divorce is already underway:

        • Simple, easy to understand training about the various aspects of divorce to give you the confidence you need to control the process, so it doesn’t control you.
        • The tools to determine the financial position of your divorce. It is important to be efficient and competent in your divorce and to understand how the financial picture plays an important role in the divorce process.
        • Provides tools to assist you in dealing with an attorney, divorce trained financial professional and/or therapists.
        • Provide you with the appropriate knowledge to save you money on fees and other expenses throughout the divorce.
        • Using our tested training, you will gain better direction on realistic goal setting
        • Proven methods that establish and keep a productive relationship with attorney, financial professionals, counselors and even ex-spouses.
        • Straightforward tools that help you establish a plan, budget expenses and manage the process, all for a small one time cost.
        • Divorce45 will provide a wealth of resources for you in controlling the factors mentioned, minimize costs where possible and provide the best chance for a positive outcome.

3.  Benefits of Using Divorce45

Our system will provide the tools and resources necessary for you to feel confident and provide you with the ability to manage your divorce process.

        • Using the proven training at Divorce45 improves the outcome of your divorce.
        • Divorce45 minimizes the emotional effects of what is a very difficult time.
        • Divorce45 shows you how to become a better negotiator.
        • After reading the Divorce45 training, you will feel more confident talking the issues over with your attorney and save quite a bit of money on attorney costs.
        • Find an attorney and or other divorce professional.

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More Features of Divorce45

How it Works

For a low one time subscription price of only $79.00 , you have unlimited access to the complete site, including over 40 training sessions ( and growing) on the issues you face in divorce.  Simple tools for you to plan, set goals and expectations, as well as tools for interacting with your attorney (or financial planner and therapist) during your divorce.  This potentially can save you thousands of dollars in fees and settlement costs.

If you just want to read the articles that are posted or search for a professional, you may do so free of charge.

Our mission is to make sure that you are 100% prepared for your divorce negotiations and meetings, so you save money, become 100% effective and don’t miss a thing in your divorce.  All of that for a small one-time cost that requires no long term commitment.

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